Order Flow Signals Indicators


End of Day Indicators

To use the end of day indicators, you simply download the signal CSV files to you computer and then configure the indicator with the location of the signal files.  You also must specify your current timezone offset from UTC.  All signals are logged in UTC time.  This page will tell you your offset from UTC.  You can also configure it to draw arrows for signals and/or to use the paintbar.

Keep in mind that the UTC offset must be constant during the period of your chart.  So you will not want to have the daylight savings time change in the middle of your chart.  You’ll want to have a chart before the time change and another one after.

Ninjatrader 7.0: ParisSignalMarkersV1a (contact me with your machine code to obtain a license – free for members)

If you’d like to help make this indicator available for other platforms, please let me know.


Real time Indicators

Ninjatrader 7.0: ParisSignalMarkersV2b1_20120411_0904.  You will need to enter your login & password into the indicator settings.  Contact me if you have not received this.  You can select the minimal level of signal that will be shown.  There are 5 levels, level 3 is the “normal” level.  Level 2 is slightly smaller and less significant and level 1 even less significant.  And levels 4 & 5 are more significant.  Lately I’ve been filtering for a minimum level of 2.  Level 1 signals are not reliable enough for me unless I’m looking for a very small and quick pullback.


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