My trading has evolved in the many years since I started this blog.  However the blog hasn’t evolved much.  I’m trying to get it caught up and I’ve taken off most of the old, out of date content.

When I started, I was trading the EminiWatch system and looking to connect to others using the same tools.  I was slightly profitable most months with the eminiwatch system but I wasn’t satisfied with my trading as I wasn’t making much and I wasn’t consistent.

I then started studying order flow, delta, footprint, and market profiling.  I read Dalton’s books and studied FuturesTrader71’s tweets.  I learned a lot and what I learned filled in a lot of the gaps I had in my trading.  I couldn’t go back to how I was trading before.  It took a lot of practice before I was able to start making money with a more “SR” approach.

I’d trade a while, go back to sim for a while, trade a while, etc.  Each time I went back to sim I would experiment and learn more about trading.  Several times I’ve incorporated ideas from other traders and tried their setups.  In the end all of this has been molded into my own trading method.  I feel like I’ve made the turn but I’m still not satisfied with my trading.  I have not yet mastered risk control and until I do, I cannot increase my size.  So this is my current focus:  control risk.

I’m constantly learning about trading as the list of things to learn is never ending.  But I enjoy it and the continuous progress I’m making.

This blog is for me to share my thoughts, discoveries, and challenges along the way.  It started out with my guesses as to what the market was going to do (I was into swing trading back then).  Then it transitioned into showing live trades, which I sometimes still do.  Lately it’s been about my own development as a trader and my struggle to go from a 2 lot trader to a larger size.

A few years ago I returned to my consulting work full time and that left the last 2-3 hours of the US session for my trading.  Lately family life has been taking up some of that time too so I’ve had to adapt my trading even more.  I’m tried to fully automate my trades but that wasn’t possible so I then automated trade alerts, but that wasn’t helpful when I wasn’t home which is often the case during the evenings.  For this reason, I decided to stop daytrading and focus on swing trading, where I can make my decisions outside of market hours.

I used to specialize in the S&P 500 Emini (ES), but now I’m focus on stocks and options.

My goal with this site is to meet like-minded traders in order to exchange ideas and collaborate.  I would also like to help traders struggling to make the turn and I’d like to learn from traders more experienced than myself.

Thanks for visiting and if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know.