Jan 012017

2015 was a good year for me. I really got in to the groove and my equity curve was exponentially growing up. The dotted line is the zero line.  I will block out the P/L amounts but I can tell you it’s not much.

Unfortunately 2016 was not as good. I was very busy with my consulting business, with the family, and with other hobbies, so I didn’t devote enough time to it. Then I had some bad trades and lost interest and never really took the trades to get the curve back up again.

It was a bit discouraging but if I look at my curve over the past few years, from 2014-2016 the results are not so bad. I’m in a drawdown and I just need to get going again to get the equity curve going back up.

My plan for 2017: Remove some of the discretion to make a more repeatable system. Specifically I want to:

  • Have more trades. Currently I’m very selective and then fear creeps in and I look for reasons to avoid trades and end up going weeks or sometimes months without a trade
  • Be less discretionary. I’d like to have some rules to follow and trust the system more.
  • Be more automated.  Not talking about automated execution, just more alerts so I can just verify and push a button and let it play out.
  • Backed by stats in order to have confidence I need some stats supporting what I do.

So I’m going to be working on that for a while.  If I find some good trades I’ll take them.  But this is just a hobby now and my full-time consulting work provides a good income and family time in the evening is precious, so I think 2017 will be a bit slow to start.  This is why the audio alerts are important, I don’t have time to watch the charts.  My zones indicator is really helpful here and I have some other order flow algorithms which trigger audio & email alerts too.

Good luck to everyone for your trading in 2017 and Happy New Year!


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