Jan 262014

I was taking time off from trading around Christmas and then just after Christmas Zenfire forced everyone to upgrade and then zenfire was no more.  The first few days I figured they’d get it fixed.  Then a week went by.  And another.  And then Mirus got involved, saying they had a backup datafeed (Continuum) but that was only available for customers clearing through Dorman and I clear through RCG.  I didn’t mind a few weeks off but I was very disappointed in both zenfire for botching such a huge upgrade and Mirus for having no backup.  But it got worse.  Mirus was making promises and then going silent.  Last I heard from them, all RCG customers would be automatically converted to Dorman January 21st and would be able to trade live the 23rd.  That came and went with no word from Mirus.

I read in a forum that I was not alone.  One user didn’t get converted so he asked and it turns out they didn’t want his business because he was Canadian.  Another didn’t hear back either.  So I will contact them tomorrow and see what my options are.  In hindsight I should have just opened up an account with the minimum deposit at another broker so I could trade but I was being naïf and maybe lazy too.

So I’ve enjoyed about 6 weeks off from trading and I always think it’s good to have a break like that because it lets us look at trading with a different perspective.  My trading partner has been doing well so I’m eager to get back in it and join in his success.

Besides trading I’ve been keeping myself very busy with my current consulting assignment, an SOA certification, home improvements, spending more time with the kids and wife, etc.  So when I do start trading again it’ll be hard to give all that up.  My plan is to identify a couple places for a pullback, set the audio alerts, and spend time with the family.  When I get the alert I’ll look for an entry.  I’ll keep it very simple.  And I’ll share how it goes here.

Good trading everyone.  Hopefully we’ll have a correction and some good volatility.


  2 Responses to “Mirus Zenfire fiasco and some time off”

  1. I had been with Mirus since 2007 and was not wanting to go… but they more or less pushed me away by not communicating. I held out until the second sign-up for continuum passwords never got a reply. Then I knew it was time to go. I opened an account with AMP in early January just in case, and last week I finally funded it so I could put this behind me and get back to trading.

    I used the “time off” to do some research that I think is very promising, so maybe it was all for the best.

  2. Surely no-one uses Mirus or Zenfire any more? I know I don’t… seems to me like so many US futures brokers are totally unreliable.. either they steal your money (MFG/PFG) or they let you down with massive platform or accounting problems…

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