Nov 142013

Tonight is the first night I’ve taken a trade this week.  I’ve had a busy week, especially with the new consulting assignment.  A few times I watched the market but just didn’t see a setup.

I’ve been working on an experimental setup which doesn’t require waiting for order flow confirmation.  The idea is to use this second setup to get more opportunities.  But lately I’ve been studying my entries and seeing how the order flow arrows could be of use.   And I was surprised.

I’ve been doing a private test of the order flow analysis indicator with some other trades, mostly traders who have previously purchased my tools.  I’m considering doing a public test if there is interest.  In the mean time I think I will post some trades and see if I can get some feedback.

I’m going for very small trades here, with 1 lot. The idea is to prove it’s profitable and then add a 2nd lot and go for a little more, and the 3rd lot would go for the next zone/level/area.  One step at a time.  So that’s why you’ll see my taking 6-8 ticks profit.  It’s just the first step.  This is very different from how I was trading in the past, where I wanted 3-4 pts minimum on ES.   It’s an experiment but so far it’s working ok.  not insanely profitable but that will come with the 2nd & 3rd lots.


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