Jan 082013

Globex has been super quiet since I’ve been home for the holidays.  I’ve sat in Globex trades for hours.  This is quite unusual for me, when I was last trading Globex, about 6 months ago, it was much more volatile and good for trading.  Now it’s fire and forget, and check back after lunch.  I got long at yesterday’s low and held for 1.5 hours.  I held through a zenfire disconnect (more on that below) and it was up to Euro unemployment numbers and my wife wanting me to take her out to lunch, so I bailed for +1.50 pts.  I was going for 3.  A bit frustrating to see it not move more.



Next, Ninja has a very serious bug.  Certain network interrupts (and unfortunately my ISP seems to have these several times a day) make it lose its connection with zenfire and the only solution is to restart Ninja or wait 30 minutes.  I can’t restart Ninja because Ninja is incapable of redownloading historical bid/ask data (like IRT & MD do so well), so I have to wait 30 minutes.  It’s frustrating to be in a position and not be able to move my stop or get out for 30 minutes.  Ninja will fix it only in the next major release.  I last reported this 6 months ago and we’re still waiting.  Maybe it’ll be fixed in Ninjatrader 8.0 sometime in 2014?


For those suffering from the same problem, you can voice your support for a fix in this thread.

Well 1.50 pts.  That’ll cover lunch and gas.


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  1. I had a similar connection issue and know how frustrating it is to lose the connection during an active trade. My issue was actually caused by my network Router. I had what I thought was a nice wireless Cisco LinkSys Router. I never had any issues accessing the internet with the router until I start a continuous data feed.

    While the feed is running, the router lights would periodically all go off and then blink a few times before returning to normal. It was like someone shut off the Router and turned it back on in the middle of my connection.

    I finally replaced the Router with a NetGear Router and now I rarely have any connection issues.

    Hope this helps.


  2. John – I replaced a DLink that kept doing micro disconnects, just a second long but it was messing everything up. I now use the router built in to my DSL box. It could be the DSL box that is dropping the connection, but I’d have to buy a new router to find out and even then it still goes through the box. so I’m not sure how i can find out.

  3. Michael,

    Have a read of my post here http://www.bigmiketrading.com/brokers-data-feeds/175-mirus-zen-fire-connection-drops-6.html#post293368

    I had this continual problem a couple of years ago and it was all caused by actions taken by my ISP. The solutions stated fixed the problem.

    In addition I had a recent problem that turned out to be my ADSL modem. I was again losing ZF connection but this time my modem log had continual messages saying that DSL was going in and out of synch. Solution was to replace modem and now once again I have no ZF disconnection issues here in New Zealand.

    As part of my routine I check NT logs and my modem logs at least once a day.

  4. I has some similar problems, here a list of possible simple solutions

    – Try to avoid if possible WPA protocol with your router, instead use the less secure WEP protocol or connect by LAN to your provider: WPA does many interruptions cause changes of internal key between your pc and router

    – I had a similar problem using Interactivebrokers with NT, the solution was to set again the connection configuration as NT suggest, that solved it. In my case I saw that I had chosen to have some extras as data backups and others that affected my connection

    I hope for someone this could help

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