Jan 032013

I posted my November Results last month and now I have my December results.  As I’ve written, I believe I have a simple and reproduce-able (and therefore consistent) trading plan.  December was a good test to see if my results improved.  And they did.

I made slightly less in December, but that’s because I traded a lot less, mostly due to the holidays.  I took half as many trades in December.  One of my goals was to avoid scratching for small gains.  That totally messes up my stats.  I regret that I did do that a few times in December.  Looking at the trade list I see that I did that 5 times.  I remember a few would have been winners and a few losers.  So overall I think the scratching did not improve my results.  That is a main focus for January.

Other than that the trades looked ok.  Mostly 2 pt wins and 1.50 pt losses.  I’d like to get my wins a little bigger to get 2:1.  So that’s my second focus for January.

The profit factor went from 1.54 to 2.14 so that’s good.  Win rate from 54% to 69% but I don’t think that’s good (due to the scratches).  My average trade went from 0.36 to 0.50 so that improved.

What’s interesting to note is that I was roughly breakeven (-2 ticks) on the long side, and made all my money on the short side.  The stats for the short side were great.  So I have to study why the big difference between long & short.

Here are the results:



I’m trading during Globex & the US morning session while I’m looking for a new consulting assignment.  However I’m enjoying the time with the family and catching up on a lot of things I’ve been meaning to do.  I got the baby’s room all fixed up and repainted and now I’m motivated to tackle the rest of the house.

Good luck to you for 2013 and Happy New Year!


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