Oct 232012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I wanted to make an update since I’m done early.  I’ve been very busy with work and helping the kids with their homework.  The French school system gives a lot of homework, even for elementary school.  Too much because it ends up being my homework too.  I thought I was done with homework…

Last month I finished up a few pts.  This month I’m down a little bit more.  So overall almost breakeven for 2 months.  But I feel like I’ve made a ton of progress but I also feel like there is more work to go.  It’s amazing how the market changes and messes with your head.  It takes a while to test ideas and trading setups over a variety of market conditions.

I’ve been refining my plan and studying the setups I miss or ones that I don’t execute properly.  I study the setups that occurred while I was at work.  I still have trouble seeing them real time but I’m making progress.  I’ve been improving on taking small losses, having taken several 5 tick losses recently.  So I’m happy with my progress.  It’s going slower than I thought, the 90min window is rather limiting and some of the days I’m not able to trade and some there is a great setup just before my 90min window and I miss it, etc.  But having a stable income helps take off all the pressure.

I plan to write a bit more and share trades again.. the reason I stopped posting trades is because I’ve been working on disassociating myself from the outcome of my trades.  I try to judge myself on how well I followed my plan, no matter whether my trade made money or not.  When I was posting my trades I became more invested in them and the outcomes.  And that’s what I stopped.  Which gives me an idea.. maybe in the future I’ll post my trades and my grade for each one and not even post the outcome.  I’ll have to think on that one.

I appreciate people checking in with me and I hope to write more consistently in the future once I improve a bit.  So stay tuned.

Good luck to you with your trading.


  3 Responses to “Time for an update”

  1. Good to hear you are still in the boot. Looking forward to reading about your setups and trades. And have fun with the kids homework 😉


  2. Replace boot thru boat (I mixed German and English up 😉

  3. Hey Michael, how much do you risk per trade? I risk max 0,1% per trade and trust me, that alone gives me the psychological relieve I dont have to care about the outcome of a single trade (hell I dont care about 10 trades loosing string).

    I feel that you are still a victim to risk. You need to tame that fear, embrace it. Perhaps you need to look further in order to find the best trading style for your, perhaps something with a very high win%? Have you tried breakout trading for example??


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