Sep 182012

Friday I was not able to trade due to the rollover.  I couldn’t read the volume.

Monday I missed a trade while I was doing the kids’ bedtime stories.  I think it was outside my 90min window anyway.

Today I didn’t get any trades in my 90 min window.


The cool thing is I know exactly what I’m looking for.. or rather I know when I definitely don’t have a setup.  So I set an audio alert bracket and then work on other things.  So I’m not glued to the screen during my 90 min window.  And I’m staying out of trouble.  On the other hand, I was expecting to get some more trades.  But we can’t force anything on the market – we can only take what it offers.

So hopefully things will pick up..


  One Response to “Not many opportunities lately”

  1. Wise attitude. Knowing what to do is a very important step however, executing what has been already planned seems specially hard to implement. Wisdom vs. Virtuosity. Know traders that are really good, they are dedicated to their study&work, but most of them lack of this virtuosity of a proper execution. Whatever we build upon of that will resemble a house of cards rather a sound construction.( IMHO the increase of computer execution/autom. systems is a result of outsourcing our deficits). Indeed very important step you are going thru in your time window, not “trying to be right” is a gift to trade.



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