Sep 092012

We had a great vacation.  A bit more adventurous than the past few years now that the kids are a bit older.

Our first stop was to visit the former volcanoes.  I love nature and Puy-de-Dome is one of the most beautiful places in France.  It was amazing.

IMG 0544 Custom1  Vacation photos and back to trading part time

Then we went to Carcassone which has a wonderful medieval city.  This is a photo of the castle inside the walled city.

IMG 0602 Custom  Vacation photos and back to trading part time


Next we went to Perpignan which has a lot of Catalan influence.  We made a day trip down to Figueres and Roses Spain (had a fantastic lunch in a cafeteria in Figueres).  We also visited Collioure which was beautiful and the subject of many famous painters.

IMG 0703 Custom  Vacation photos and back to trading part time

Another day trip took us to the Chateau de Peyrepertuse.  It was built high on a cliff.  It’s amazing how they could build castles and cities on the top of cliffs like that, so many years ago.  The area had 5 castles that were all within eyesight of each other.  When one saw attackers coming they’d send smoke signals to the other castles to warn them.  This was how they defended the region inside the band of castles.

IMG 0774 Custom  Vacation photos and back to trading part time

After spending half our trip in the southwest of France (on the Mediterreanean side), we drove to Antibes which is on the eastern side of France, about 1 hour from Italy.  On the way we stopped at various towns included Nimes which has very impressive Roman ruins including a Colosseum that rivals the one in Rome.

IMG 0903 Custom  Vacation photos and back to trading part time

In Antibes we visited some towns there, this was our 3rd year in a row, so we mainly relaxed at the beach and in the swimming pool.

IMG 1166 Custom  Vacation photos and back to trading part time


After coming back we went back to work the next day.  That was a bit challenging.  Last week I started trading and made a couple points so that was good.  I’ll continue trading my 90 minute window.

Between work, school, the kids’ activities, and various home improvement projects we’ve been putting off, I’ve been super busy.  I don’t expect to have time to post regular updates, but I will try to catch up on the weekends.

I didn’t take a PC with me on vacation so didn’t do anything trading related other than hand-writing a simple trading plan.  I was a bit skeptical of the S&P 500 as it was making a triangle pattern but the break out late last week looks encouraging so I plan to start the stock swing trading with real money (very small size) any time now.  I’ll report on that too.

I hope your trading has gone well & good luck!





  2 Responses to “Vacation photos and back to trading part time”

  1. Great pics man, my wife and I did the South East of France a few years back but I’m thinking the West looks much more our sort of thing.


  2. I can’t say I prefer one over the other. France has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful scenery, charming small towns, mountains and canyons, etc. When the kids are a little older I want to go canyoning with them. For now we’re a little limited in the adventure sports.

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