Jul 122012

I want to say thanks for those who offered their support, encouragement, gratitude, and even condolences on yesterday’s post about going back to the 9-5.  I’m glad to have helped so many people on their journey.

It’s a relief not to have to post charts of my trades every day.  I kind of got stuck in that rut when I wanted to journal how the signals were doing.  I much prefer to write about more interesting topics than go through the trading day in hindsight.

I plan to write about how I’m adopting my trading to focus on a 60 minute entry window.  I had to come up with something that would work for that and my testing this week (all day, not just in that 60min window) has gone really well.  But I’m too experienced to know that 4 days makes a valid test.

I’d also like to write about the experience with stocks.  This is a bit strange for me looking at 100 charts/day and picking the ones I want to trade.  Completely opposite from focusing on ES.  I’m having a hard time adjusting to that so going slow and just investigating now and watching.  Not even paper trading yet.  Hopefully soon.


  4 Responses to “Thanks for the support & future topics”

  1. Michael , Have a look at SMB Capital for stock trading and there book “One Good Trade ” .

  2. Mark – that’s a great book, I wrote a blog post about it before. I picked up some interesting tidbits from SMB but it all comes across as a bit fishy where they’ll hire anyone but you have to pay for your own training.. So never went farther than their book and free website.

  3. Michael, imho it might perhaps be better to put trading aside completely for a while and to just focus on your new projects.

    Looking forward to hearing from you sooner or later!

  4. Markus – I’ll do precisely that for 3 months in August. Until then, and after, I think 60min/day is a good compromise. I’m not giving up on trading, just need to ramp up savings and take a break. trading 8:30-10pm has worn me out.

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