Jun 032012

This past week was not as good as the previous two weeks, partly because a couple days I could only trade the first hour of the US RTH session.  And that’ll be the case for 2 days next week.  And probably 3 days/week next year.  Hence my reason for investigating Bund & Stoxx as alternatives to trading ES.  I find the first 2 hours of trading are the best, and I’d much rather miss part of the close than part of the open.

In an effort to recover my time missed from the open, I traded a few evenings.  And lost.  And so I went over my evening (which is US afternoon) performance for the last 3 weeks and it was negative.  I’m not sure exactly why, it could be bad luck and a small sample size.  Or it could be that the closes were erratic.  So I don’t plan to trade evenings any more, and if I do it’ll be on sim.

Without the evening trades, I made 7 pts last week which was 2 pts/day when calculated using 3.5 trading days (I traded a little less than 3.5).  That’s less than my goal but still acceptable.

On Thursday I started trading the Bund on simulator and finished positive.  I need another week or two on simulator in order to fine-tune my parameters for the Bund.  One example is I was stopped out to the tick and missed a very big run.  Putting stops 2 ticks beyond the the recent high/low on ES seems to work ok for me, but on the Bund that may be too close due to the volatility.  So I’m not worried about the P/L for Bund, I’m just working on testing and fine-tuning.  Being profitable the first two days is encouraging.

Next week I will try to tweet my plan and then post about how I traded it.  That’s my focus for the upcoming week.

Good luck to you in your trading.


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