May 212012

I’m back from our long holiday weekend trip to Normandy.  It’s so beautiful there.  Here was the view from our rental apartment:


We went to visit Honfleur, one of my favorite cities in France.  This is the definition of picturesque.


It was great to get away from the markets.  We didn’t have WIFI, just our 3G on our iPhones, so I didn’t pay much attention to the markets.  I did go over the days that I missed.  Since I didn’t trade those days, I didn’t have my own levels, so for the purpose of review I used the EMP zones.

Here is Thursday:

Here is Friday:


ES had pretty strong down days on Thursday and Friday.  I’m expecting the market to revisit that area.  Below I have 1277.75 as a key level and I believe we’ll tag that, but we may do some repair work higher before.  I’ll be looking to trade short until I see some strength and then I’ll trade long cautiously because I expect sellers at the overhead resistance levels.


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