May 102012

I did well in Globex but in RTH nothing worked.  I first traded long but ES just didn’t go.  I should have given up on the long idea with the lower high but for some reason I didn’t and I kept trying, and missed the good short opportunity.  Then I tried short for a gap fill but that didn’t work either.  Then in the hour we looked balanced so I got long and that didn’t work.

I’m thinking on how and what to post for charts.  Lately I’ve been using my own levels instead of the EMP zones, but my own levels come from several different charts (Market Profile, Daily with Composite, Intraday, etc.).   So it’s not easy to post a single chart showing everything.  I could put all my levels into text files and have them displayed in my zones indicator.  That will be a lot of extra work but I’m thinking it’ll be worth it.  So I’m going to think on that one.

A word on the signals..  They didn’t work work well today.   The highs and lows were caught by signals but unfortunately there were some failed signals in between.  I think several of these failures signal failures were due to news.  Overall today was just a weird day.  I could have handled it better so I made this this was a learning experience.  The good news is the losses were small, but the bad news is I had quite a few.

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  1. I had a couple of days like this, this week 🙂
    Hope Friday was better for you.

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