May 092012

During my vacation I worked on some things to improve in my trading.  And I’m slowly trying to put those into practice.  They’re the basics, but not so easy to do real time (for me at least):

  • Accept risk and the fact that I don’t need to win on every trade or even half my trades
  • Use smaller stops to make stopping out less painful
  • Hold on to winners longer
  • Take more trades (valid ones!)

Today I felt I made a lot of progress and I had one of my best days in a very long time.  But that could just be luck so I have to see if I can keep repeating it.  The next few trading days will be very interesting.


These trades are not optimal.. there are quite a few that I cut short (you can’t really see the scaling out because they’re grouped together), so definitely room to improve.  I just hope I continue doing well as I continue working on my “areas to improve”.


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