Apr 122012

I had one of my best weeks up until RTH today and then I blew it.  The comments are in the annotations.  It’s ironic because I have to pack and have lots of little things to do and I almost didn’t trade RTH.  I wish I hadn’t.


I made several mistakes today and paid the price.  I’ll have a 20+ hour travel day tomorrow to study my mistakes, rewrite my trading plan and begin anew.  I’ll be offline without internet for 1 week starting tomorrow and if I can get up that early (6am!) will be trading the first couple hours of the US RTH session starting April 23.    10 days off will do me some good.  I realize my mistakes and I will come up with a plan to eliminate them and I’ll be back better than ever.



  7 Responses to “Review of 04/12/2012”

  1. move the stop and give it more room..

    Remember he used to do it big time, but

    now he does not do it on tweeter anymore

    — Renatos Santo from – diamond setup.—

  2. sounds like we all do that …

    its normal …

  3. i remember the first time , so anxious going to Florida,

    someone said he just left there.

    there is nothing special about that place.

    but sill Hooters is from Clearwater Florida.

    and Spring Break USA is at Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Disney World at Orlando ,FL

  4. Mike, I don’t say this in a mean way or to dampen your optimism but maybe a question that you should be asking yourself over your holiday while doing some self reflection. I feel at times you are looking for answers in the wrong place.
    Let me ask you this, if you are not able to follow this plan, what makes you think by rewriting it you will be able to follow the next plan? Every once in a while I see some serious discipline issues still coming through in your blog. After what 3 years now or so, not being able to follow the simple parts of ones plan is a serious issue to be having. Personally I think it is a pointless exercise to continually search for the answer by creating ever further rigid rules, over time you are just adding more baggage to your own decision making. Rather address the issue directly and try to figure out why it is at times that you feel compelled to do this. If you really believe down to your core that you are operating in an environment of probability and that you cannot know the outcome of any one trade then it really is that simple to define the point at which your trade hypothesis is wrong. At that point, you get out, period!! this is a very simple rule, you do not need to add 10 other rules to try and follow it, if you are violating it then search deeply within yourself as to why you are violating it, what hidden belief is causing you to violate your plan at times, think very long and hard about it and eventually you will come to an answer.. don’t tell yourself what the answer is, ask yourself the question, the sub-concious can be a tricky beast, I told myself for a very long time I had a certain belief until I examined my actions and realised they were counter to the belief i was telling myself I had, it is a case of trying to be really open and honest with yourself.. address that, forget about rewriting your plan again, it will not solve the underlying issue… hope it can be of use.

  5. Where are you???

    Have you given up trading?

  6. DBO – I owe you a reply.

    Zang – I’m on vacation, will be back trading on Thursday.

  7. Mike,

    Cool, good to hear all is well.

    Don’t worry about “blowing” it back on the 12th man – we’ve all been there. You’ve just lent the Spoos a bit of money for a while – I fully believe you’re gonna get it all back with interest.

    Enjoy the rest of the vacation!

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