Apr 052012

Today was a day that, in hindsight, was more clear than it was real time.  I got 2.5 pts total, but left a lot on the table due to exiting early.  I achieved my goal this week of 2 pts/day, exceeded it actually, so that is good news.  A few more weeks of this and I will be ready to increase size.

The signals worked reasonably well today.  There were only 2 signal failures in RTH and both were a sign of strength (when short failed) and weakness (when long failed).  Trade location & context is the most important.  For example one long failed was on the second test of the zone, those are always less reliable.  A short failed signal was right at news.  And even when a signal fails, there is often time to take a quick scale and/or scratch.  On the short signal that failed at the initial resistance zone, I scratched when it came back to the VPOC and couldn’t hold below it.

Have a great holiday weekend!  Remember that Europeans celebrate Easter on Monday instead of Good Friday, so Monday’s Globex should be very calm.



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