Mar 302012

After 1 month of testing with a small group of traders, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m happy to make my automated order flow signals available to everyone real time.

The basic idea of the signals is to find potential reversals by monitoring for transitions in the order flow from buying to selling or vice-versa.  They’re currently available for ES and I’m working on making them available for Stoxx as well.

I’ve been showing these signals on my charts (the red & blue arrows), so if you’d like to see how they work, you can review the past month of charts.  I do want to point out the way I use these signals is for timing my entry at my levels after I have verified the R:R.  I have found these have helped improve my greatest weakness:  being early with my entries and exits.  Not every signal results in a reversal, if it did I’d be a gazillionaire by now.  They’re just another piece of the puzzle.  I believe there are very few really good R:R opportunities per session and these are often accompanied by a signal.

You can read more about them here: Order Flow Signals Service.

Here is an example from yesterday:


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