Mar 272012

Today’s signals were excellent.

In Globex there were many sell signals at the top.  I took a short there but when it stalled at the VPOC I was out so I could run some errands (that sounds better than saying I went shopping).  When I got back I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t held one, but shorts are counter-trend and therefore can’t get too greedy.

In RTH there were 4 groups of signals, the first long I took and afterwards realized it was not a good trade due to lack of good R:R and being too close to VPOC.  The second long I took (after stopping out on the first).  I took a scale just before the short signal and stopped out on the remaining.  I did not take either short because they were just above a support level that had been holding (but getting weaker).  All except the first long produced moves of at least 2 pts.

Soon the signals will be publicly available.  Stay tuned.


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