Mar 162012

Today I watched FT’s webinar from the other day.  Apparently a lot of his broker clients lost a lot of money that day.  I was happy that it didn’t happen to me, because this sort of thing used to happen to me all the time.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

Today I cut my winners short and that’s a reoccurring pattern, so that is my primary focus.  I’ll write more in my review for the week (later this weekend).  Overall I exceeded my goal of 2 pts/day per contract so I’m very happy about that.



  2 Responses to “Review of 2012-03-16”

  1. perhaps you are cutting your winners short because you don’t trust the stop… how about using an option to hedge your position and stay on the trade longer until it reaches the S/R area you are interested in.

  2. sysot1t – I think you are right. Lately I’ve gone back to using larger stops, ideally around 3 pts, and putting them beyond my zone. this is a change from the 6-8 ticks I was using for a while. I’m still not sure which is best but this is something I’m going to study going forward.

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