Mar 152012

Often NQ leads ES, but not always.  In two trades I saw NQ making a run for its lows and I exited.  In the past this has saved me points.  Today it cost me a bit.   But that’s OK, I prefer to buy when ES & NQ are strong.  Today NQ was weak.

I did make some progress being more patient.  I had +3 on the first trade before I exited +1.5.  So I’m pleased with that.  I’m on track to meet my goal of 2 pts/day per contract, as long as I don’t do anything stupid tomorrow.  Tomorrow is options expiration so I’ll be a little more selective and if I get a winning trade I may stop early.

  One Response to “Review for 03-15-2012”

  1. Hi,

    Check out the template day (01/03/2008), you’ll see that 97-98 area was a good level.
    Also if you draw MC of 01/02-01/03 this area will pop up…

    You are right, XLF was very strong today and a good clue.

    Good trades!

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