Mar 082012

Note: I adjusted EMP’s zones back to the March contract by adding 5.75 to all of them.

Today was a very educational day for me.

First I got short early before the big move up and added to that and then took a big loss.

When the market opened I didn’t take the first long, but I did take the 2nd test of pre-market support and got 4.25 pts on the run to IBH.  I made back over half of my big loss and pretty much stopped there.  The last long setup was a beauty but I had little confidence because the market was so slow and I didn’t want to get long into initial resistance.

My focus for tomorrow:

  • I will write out my plan for each session so that I don’t deviate.
  • Be more patient.
  • I will not enter without one of my order flow setups.
  • I will resist scaling out too early.
  • I will be more aggressive at the EMP zones and not be afraid of losing.
  • I will be more aware of the S&P 500 Adv/Dec line to know if I I should favor one side over the other.

Speaking of the Adv/Dec, if you want to use this with IQFeed data the symbol is JI6T.Z (Thanks to CD & Edward for the symbol).  Today the A/D was pegged in the upper 300’s which is very bullish so the focus should have been on getting long on pullbacks.  Which is why I shouldn’t have chosen not to take that long.  There was money there and I refused to take it!


  2 Responses to “Results for 2012-03-08 & setting up S&P Adv/Dec”

  1. Isn’t JI6T.Z in DTN the same as the instrument you created? (ji6t not jL6t) — sorry posted in wrong update before.

  2. Regarding the Adv/Dec in IQ Feed you can now use the symbol JI6T.Z which gives you the next S&P 500 issues. Market Stats 2-3-2012.pdf

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