Mar 012012

Tomorrow is the last day of the week and it’s been an interesting week journaling my plan and sharing my trades.  I hope you have found it useful.  I’m not sure I will continue next week.  The main issue is I tweak my plan as I go, updating my levels, etc.  I also find small levels to trade when confirmed with order flow.  So I wonder how useful this is?  Let me know what you think.


Stoxx had quite a bullish reversal today.  I was lucky to escape out of my short without much damage, but I really missed out on the long side.

Levels to buy: 2543-49, 2524.

Levels to sell: 2508, 2486


Bund fell through my first support level but bounced off the second and built lower value.  Caution still on the buy side, this could still drop down.

Levels to buy: 139.46, 139.58, 139.66, 140.02.

Levels to sell: 139.22, 139.10


Market is still open but ES was a bit of a booger today as it just crept up in globex and then except for the selloff after news, kept creeping up again in RTH until the last hour when it dropped down.  ES is in an inside day.

Levels to buy: 1375, 1370.75-71.25, 1367.50, 1363, 1359.25-1360.25


  One Response to “Plan for 2012-03-02”

  1. Michael,

    It has been useful to me to read your thought process (especially seeing your plan in retrospect and then how you executed it). Obviously every trader has to trade their own trades so seeing the results is really more for your benefit than your readers (I would think).

    Whether you continue or not thanks for sharing. Sometimes some outside perspective is very helpful. Also in general thanks for your thoughtful questions in twitter. I am often thinking the exact same thing!


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