Feb 282012

Money-wise this was a great morning.  But I do not feel I traded well on Stoxx.  Trade 1 I cut too short.  Trade 3 was not in my plan but it was a good setup (that would be in my plan if I were to allow counter-trend trades).  Buyers came in and so I gave it up.  The buying was short-lived and it dropped down.  I don’t regret getting out because it was not a planned trade.  Trade 7 was a bit risky on 2nd test and so I wasn’t giving it much room.  When it was stalling just ahead of the open and VPOC I got out.  Will find out later if that was a good decision.  I did not like how the volume was printing on the sell side.  I wanted to see strength on the buy side.

I realize I’m not allowing my winners to make it to their targets.  I need to work on this.


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