Feb 282012

Yesterday was a day where things didn’t go well.  Today was a day when things went right.

Trade 8 was at my support level but it didn’t take off and I didn’t want to hold into the open.

Trade 9 was the same trade on stoxx (it was at support) and the setup was even better on stoxx.  I held it because I took a scale and was at no risk.

Trade 10 was at my support level.  I was a bit early so I took the early contract off and held the second.  I closed it 2 min before news.

Overall this afternoon I traded much better and that’s reflected in the results.

The month is almost over and while profitable, the crude,gold,euro trading hasn’t been extremely profitable in terms of $/day.  Euro is $20/day, Gold $87/day, and Crude $64/day.  I imagine I will improve and eliminate some bad trades so it could be better.  At the same time these trades are slightly distracting to me and do require extra homework.  So I’m debating stopping these markets or cutting back.  I like Euro best since it’s slower but at the same time it’s the least profitable.  I wasn’t expecting that.  Other option is to reduce the setups I take on those markets.  Or stop them temporarily.  If I stop them I can devote more attention to my main markets (Bund & Stoxx/ES).



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