Dec 262011

It’s time for yearly maintenance on the trading computer, the house, and our lives.

The computer is no easy task.  I do not have a dedicated trading PC so my PC always ends up with software installed that I no longer used or remnants of software that I’ve installed and uninstalled.  So I reinstalled windows from scratch.  I haven’t done this in 2 years so I figured it was time.  I underestimated how much work it’d be.  Especially reconfiguring all my applications.  But I took advantage to upgrade some of the software I use to the latest versions.  A lot of work but if this holds me for 2 years it’ll be worth it.

I also reinstalled my charting applications from scratch.  Their databases were bloated and it’s best to start the new year with a clean install.  This means reconfiguring lots of things such as audio alerts and preferences so more work but worth it to have a lean machine.

The house has some small things that have been put off and a week without live trading is a good chance to catch up.  I say without “live trading” because I still have some studies I’m working on to backtest ideas and prepare for the new year.

And our lives.. it’s time for the New Year’s Resolutions.  Mine are always similar:  Spend more time with the family (until the kids drive me crazy enough that I spend less time).  Less time spent unproductively at the computer (surfing).  I remind myself to eat less sugar (cookies, cakes, etc.) see “Sugar the Bitter Truth” if you do not know how sugar is a toxin.  This video will motivate you to reduce your sugar intake.  I also remind myself to exercise regularly.  With the exception of the week before Christmas, I’ve been doing runs / hikes in the woods 4-5 times per week for several months now and it’s really great.  So I just need to continue now in the cold wet winter.

I enjoy this “downtime” and will be very refreshed for the first day of trading in January (the 3rd).

Happy Holidays!



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