Sep 132011

This morning (European morning) ES had an open drive down and I sold a pullback twice for small gains.  I joked that there was a 20 pt move and I got 2 pts of it.  But in reality, a couple 2 pointers ends up making a nice day when trading large size.  I’m not quite there yet but I’m a step closer.

Before the ES cash open I said I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t.  I tried to get short after the open but was not click enough to put my order on the DOM.  Then it made a double bottom but I was not going to fade an open drive down.  It went up and made a new high and I tweeted my one trade idea: Buy pullback to 59-60 area.  I did and that was my only trade during RTH.

This was the first day that I can remember where I didn’t take any 1 lot trades.  I was pleased with today even if I didn’t capture any big moves.

ES is in a triangle pattern.  Will be interesting to see which way it breaks out.

Good luck tomorrow and be careful.


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  1. hi
    what are the dots on the traingle patern?

  2. The pink dot is the pivot (based on previous bar) and the blue is the midpoint of the current bar.

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