Aug 142011

This week was a very interesting week.  A week ago I was deciding to trade mostly sim due to the volatility.  I actually ended up taking very few real money trades this week.  When it looked really good I took it.  And I did quite well.  This past week was better than my 3 previous weeks.  And on two of those days I only took one trade but it was a big win.  Friday my computer crashed right at the open.  I guess I was trying to run too much on my notebook.  So I didn’t trade on Friday but the market was pretty readable then too.


Looking at the chart on the left, we see I did great in the rotation low-volatility market.  My loosing week was when volatility picked up and the market became more ‘trending’.  It has taken me several weeks to adjust to this but I think I have adjusted.  One of the changes I made was to fade less and go with the move more often.  If the market goes back into a rotational phase then I may have to adjust again.  But I learned a lot from all that and now I feel I can trade both trending & rotational markets.  Trend days were always my weakness.  Now they’re my strength.

Our vacation schedule has us visiting small Mediteranean towns in the morning, relaxing in the afternoon (when ES opens), and then hitting the pool in the evening.  So I hope to trade some more in the upcoming week while my little ones nap.

It looks like we broke out of the inside bar to the upside, but it didn’t look very convincing to me.  We’ll see what direction it goes Sunday night.  A farther move up will confirm it and a move back into balance will have me doubting it.

Hope you had a good week and are surviving the volatility.


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