Aug 112011

Wednesday we drove to our vacation spot in the south of France.  I caught the news before bed and saw the market really dropped in Europe.  I’m not too keen on volatile days so I didn’t feel like I missed anything.

The weather is beautiful and we have a great view from our balcony:

P1020482  Trading with a view

Today we hit the pool hard in the morning and now after lunch everyone is napping so I watched the ES open.  I had 26.50 as a  support level from yesterday and price came down to test it and I got long.  This is a ‘fade’ trade so I entered with 1/2 but when I saw selling getting weak as it pushed down farther then I added the other half.  I got out just before OSH for 8 pts.  That’s some nice spending money for the trip and I’m ready to wake everyone up to get back to the pool.

Hope your trading is going well.  As I write this, we’re inside yesterday’s range which was an inside bar.  The move outside of this balance area could be a good one, but be ready for a false breakout (if so look to the other side).


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