Jul 202011

One of the things I love about being at the beach is the calming sound of the waves gently coming to the shore.  Before we had kids, my wife & I would nap on the beach.  Now with the kids they keep us awake.

I wanted to see if I could reproduce this soothing feeling while I’m at home trading. In the past I’ve listened to music but anything with words (that I can understand) are very distracting to me.   I tried classical music but I’m not a classical music fan and I found it pretty boring.  So then I tried some new age contemporary instrumental music.  That is pretty nice and I still listen to some of those, but what was missing was the relaxing sound of nature.

I then tried “Nature CD Sampler”.  I used this for a while, letting the sounds of the ocean, tropical rainforest, etc. play in the background while I was trading.  This was better and I found I was on the right track, but it was missing something.

I found that “something” with Dan Gibson’s Solitudes.  Dan Dibson was a talented nature audio recorder.  I read that he even invented a microphone for recording nature.  Dan, and now his family, then found composers to compose melodies for his nature sounds.  And the two together sound wonderful.  The music & nature sounds are at the same volume so one is not more dominant than the other.

One of my favorite things about this series is that they are themed.  You can find them in different styles of music.  One of my favorites is Asian Spa.  BTW, as with most CDs, they’re much cheaper at Amazon.com than on his own website.

You can also find some videos at Youtube featuring his music/sounds.  They’re relaxing too.

I think staying focused & relaxed is very important in trading and Solitudes has really helped me and I hope you will find it useful too.




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  1. I used to use a program that allow me to mix the natural sound clips (up to 10 or 20 of them, can’t remember the exact details) with any music file you select to mix it with, each clip can be individually adjusted for the mixing volume, all in a very simple graphical interface, it can also add pink or white background noise which will help to mask out the noise from your “bad neighbors” and construction noise, I can’t remember the name of that program now, it’s on one of my very old computer that I haven’t touched for 10 years, I will find out the name of the program.

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