Jul 122011

We leave for the beach tomorrow.  I’m taking a laptop and if we get the rain that we’re supposed to, I may do some trading.  But if the weather is nice I’ll be out rollerblading along the beach path and building sand castles with the kids.  It’s a much needed break.

My trading has been mixed lately.  On one hand I’ve had 400+ euros days the past few days but on the other I’m not following my plan as well as I should.  I’ve been grading myself on each market each day and I’ve got a lot of C’s & D’s.  So lots to improve.  But I’m very optimistic by the fact that even trading C’s is getting me nice profits.  I’m a perfectionist so I want to optimize this.  If I could just follow my plan.  Today I sold the high and scratched it as it came back to my entry.  In my defense, I was not seeing “top” behavior and so I scratched.  Which was by the plan.  I just need to update my plan to be a bit more lenient when dealing with a potential big win.  I am still “loss averse” and prefer to scratch rather than let my stop get it.  So that’s the focus going forward.  Stay in the big ones and let my stop take me out.

Good luck for the next few days.  Seems like very high volatility is ahead.  France may get downgraded.  Now this is starting to affect me personally.  Ouch!


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  1. Have nice holidays!


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