Jul 082011

This morning I focused intensely on the Bund.  No ES or Euro, just the Bund.  I did my homework before the open and I’m proud to say I traded exactly by my plan.


The 6 tick loss turned out to be key, because I reversed and went long and got 10 ticks.  If I can keep all stops at 8 ticks or less then I will be able to increase size and capture more of the big moves.

Here’s how the elements in my list from yesterday helped me today:

  1. I focused on only trading my pre-planned areas before the open.  I didn’t invent trades.
  2. No twitter or anything else.  Just relaxing music.  Allowed me to really focus.
  3. I was constantly talking out what I was seeing and what could happen.  This was very useful.
  4. My homework was average, I can do better as there are things I missed.
  5. Decided where I was wrong on each trade before entry and put my stop there.  Didn’t move them.
  6. Traded 1-2 max.


Do you have a list?  Do you measure your progress against your list?  What do you have to improve?


  3 Responses to “Perfect trading this morning”

  1. Way to go!
    Focus on one instrument and trade only what you’ve planned, that’s it – or almost: honour your SL (trade and daily).


  2. The day got even better when I came home from lunch and found my gap fill target had been filled on the big sell-off. 19.75 pts on that one! And back to profitable status for the month.

    I think I will stop, don’t want to ruin a perfect day. 😉

  3. Another 6.75 pts during RTH for a total of 1216 euros ($1740). My best day in a long time. I’m quite amazed that my best day comes the exact day after my “Houston we have a problem” post. Goes to show how much psychology and hard work are a part of trading. Will blog on this this weekend.

    Good luck everyone and great weekend!

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