Jul 012011

I made a video going over my results for the month of June and I talk about my focus for July.  At the end a trade opportunity came up with the Bund so I recorded that too.  It was a nice trade and I got 25 ticks which turned my negative morning into a positive one.  The video is a bit lengthy but I hope you will find it useful.

June Performance Review

Bund Trade

Please let me know if you have questions, comments, or if you just want to say that the video was helpful to you in some way.  Thanks for watching.


  5 Responses to “Review of June Performance & a Live Bund Trade”

  1. hi Michael

    Thanks for sharing how you trade. The video is better then alot of paid courses I’ve taken.


  2. Hi Michael,
    Why did you expect today be a rotation day, as you said in the start of the (great) video?

  3. Markus – and I bet the paid courses don’t show any evidence that they trade real money. 😉

    Andre – The bund had 4 down days and was coming back into high volume areas on the composites, plus Friday was the start of the holiday weekend in the US. probably a few more reasons that I don’t remember, I dont remember what time I said that but friday’s profile probably had something to do with that too as we had range extension on both sides. It ended up being a rotational day but the rotations were quite violent.

  4. “The bund had 4 down days and was coming back into high volume areas on the composites,” –
    Good points about expecting a rotational day. I am also expecting for the ES and FESX more balancing days after this strong directional moves. Regarding ES we have some work to do between 1300 – 1342-46. The big biz areas are 1307.5-1309 and 1331.5 and between 1321.5-1322.
    My dictum for this week (and not only for this week :-):
    Honour your SLs and go for reasonable targets and laugh at any second guessing!


  5. Hey Michael,

    Very nice results, if you’ll take care of those two giltches you had (and you will!), your trading is going really well.

    Keep going…have a nice weekend.

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