Jun 272011

Last Friday I turned on Camtasia and recorded some thoughts while trading.  I first went over my earlier trades and reflected back on a loosing week.  I then explained what I was looking for and when I saw it I took 2 trades.  I show the footprint a little too.  I didn’t have my screen set up for recording and I didn’t want to rearrange my desktop, which is quite difficult to do because I use two 24″ monitors, so I just included my main trading chart and my DOM.

The videos are quite long, about 40 minutes total.  I intended to edit it and reduce it down into a smaller video but I just didn’t have time and if I wait any longer it won’t be current.  So here it is.  The good trade is at the end of part 3.


  5 Responses to “Realtime trade videos”

  1. Nice trading, good patience on the 3rd video, the ES can really tease you before it gives way, I hate it, especially as a beginner when Im keeping questioning myself.

    Do you still check the 6E?

  2. I was profitable trading the Euro last week (on simulator) however I’m adjusting some things so I’m trading it on sim this week to gather more data. I think there is great value in at least watching Euro as ES & Bund are both trading off the Euro.

  3. Thanks for sharing! On par with Trading after Dark.


  4. I made two today which I think are more interesting. Will post them later.

  5. Thanks for these videos and all other very relevant posts. Your desire to evolve at the same time contributing to others is commendable.

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