May 272011

I go for runs/walks in the forest by our house during my lunch break.  It helps me to clear my head, de-stress, and go over my trading performance.  Plus it keeps me active.  My favorite part is when I take the path that goes to a scenic view of Paris with the Eiffel tower.

Today on the way to the woods I saw what we called a “switch” when I was a kid. A switch was just a mall tree branch that my grandmothers would use to whip us.  Think of a real thin long branch.  I picked it up and swung it around in the air.  WHOOOSSSHHH! I liked the sound it made so I decided to take it with me on my walk.

I was whipping leaves hanging over the trail, tree trunks, and just about anything I could find (except people).  I was also  whipping it around in the air.  I was making a rhythm out of it and it was quite fun.  I had a beat going.  Until the last 1/3 of it broke off.  I thought it was ruined but no, it still made that WHOOOSH sound in the air and I kept swing it around like an explorer hacks through the jungle with a machete.

And then about 45 minutes into my walk, it broke again.  No more WHOOOOSH sound possible.  So I threw the other half of the stick into the grass and I continued on my way.

And then I got to thinking:  What a wonderful analogy to trading!


  3 Responses to “A broken stick”

  1. ROFL – I really you saw you strolling around with that switch.
    Yeah, you scaled it – whooosh.


  2. Wow, beautiful view.

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