Apr 282011

We got back to Paris yesterday after a great vacation.  I got myself mixed up with some horse thieves and got myself arrested in Williams, AZ but I managed to escape and we hid out at the Grand Canyon.

I will write a bit more about the trip later.  Today was my first day trading.  During the trip I had a lot of time to think about my trading and come up with my plan for profitability.  My previous 3 weeks before the trip were profitable so I just need to confirm that now and I’m ready for real money.

I am thinking about posting my results good or bad on the blog so others who are interested can follow along.  Ninjatrader messes up my trades when I have two setups going simulataneously, so I need to make another spreadsheet to track this, but the totals are correct.  Here’s the results from today and I’ll try to make this more formal for future postings.  As I’ve been trading on sim for a while, the goal is simply to demonstrate consistency and build confidence.  In the past, “consistency” has been a few days and then a big surprise!  So now consistency is weeks.  I want to be prepared and very confidence when I go back to real money.



I’m tracking each setup separately for each market, so I’m not concerned that the Scalp setup is not performing as well as the others.  I’m just collecting data.

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