Mar 032011

Here’s my take on ES & Bund.  Looks like ES is going up on fumes.  A weak pullback.  Are the pros waiting to sell the bounce?  Meanwhile Bund surprised me and fell down two balance areas.

  2 Responses to “ES going up on fumes, Bund down hard”

  1. The thing is that interest rate expectations are different currently for the EU and US, while the FED refuses to mention inflation Trichet did…

  2. If the FED doesn’t mention it, maybe the Americans won’t notice. I certainly notice it here in France although it’s often hidden. For example, one food store chain that sells only its own brand has reduced their portion size. We’ve noticed it in several of their products. If they cut the portion size by 10% and keep the price the same (or even raise it) then that’s 10% inflation. And it’s completely hidden and unrecognized by the majority of shoppers.

    So this chain keeps on doing it. We can see it all the time. “That isn’t as big as it used to be.” So much that I prefer to boycott this store totally. Yet their business is going well and the store is always full. So they’ll keep increasing.

    Inflation is here in France. I’ll be visiting the US next month and will look for signs of inflation there as well.

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