Jan 302011

In this video I go over my trading results for the week and compare to the previous week.  I am using my “trading well spreadsheet” for this purpose.  I’m not focusing on expectancy but rather if I’m trading my plan.  Specifically, am I breaking any rules, taking any invalid setups, or missing valid trades.  Some of these are related to discipline but I have found that most are related to being unable to see things correctly real time.  So I don’t expect to eliminate all mistakes or missed trades.  The ones that are clearly discipline problems must be eliminated, but I’ll never read everything perfectly real time.  The “perfect” results does give me a benchmark against which I can compare my results.

You will find more about the spreadsheets I’m using on my Trade Log & Journal page including a download link for the excel spreadsheet.

I welcome all feedback and if you find this spreadsheet / method of tracking your results helpful please let me know.

Here is the 2 week bund performance summary that I wanted to generate with Ninjatrader.  Ninjatrader support is looking into the crashing problem:

Results were pretty consistent across the two weeks.  My plan is to start trading real money again on Monday for Bund and continue on sim for ES.  I”ve been on sim for a while and it would be nice to have some income again.  So far every time I’ve taken a few weeks off to go back to sim, my trading has improved.  Not just because I was on sim but because I work on specific issues in my trading.

  2 Responses to “Weekly performance review for week of Jan 24-28”

  1. Michael,

    your stats are very encouraging for me (I mean if you can do it I can do it, too ;-).
    The 3 big wins in your Bund stat show how important it is to have these outliers (Don Miller talks about it a lot). You have to allow yourself for these outliers and therefore be a pig for every tick regarding your scales.
    And you see an expectancy around 2 is just great. Your bottom line proves it.


  2. We have the same teacher so I’m sure you can do it too.

    I still can’t believe my bund expectancy is 2 ticks. I think it’s due to my extra losers due to taking setups that are not really in my plan. If I can eliminate some of those and catch a few missed trades then I think my expectancy could double. This is why it’s important to focus on the plan and not the expectancy. If I can trade my plan better then expectancy will take care of itself.

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