Jan 222011

I haven’t done a video in a while so I thought I’d go over my trading results for the past week and show the spreadsheet I’m developing to track how well I trade to my plan.

Markus said something to me about how the P/L improves when we focus on trading our plan.  Before I was tracking my expectancy but hadn’t finalized my plan and wasn’t trading my plan properly.  I think that is the most important thing and expectancy will come if we trade well.  At the time my expectancy of just 2 ticks was telling me that something was wrong and needed fixing.

This week my expectancy is still around 2 ticks however I made a lot more.  And as I show in the video if I can just eliminate some of my mistakes and capture some of the missed trades, my performance would improve dramatically.  So that’s the focus for the upcoming week and I’ll remain on simulator.

  2 Responses to “Tracking if I trade well & week results”

  1. nice video Michael, good job on identifying possible area’s to improve/ work on, etc….
    I was wondering about one thing; are you not using some figures too short term?.. things like expectancy, avg win loss, etc., are you not supposed to you those over a bit longer term period? (I think you even calculate expectancy over a day)?

  2. I track my trading on a week by week basis, and then also on a month by month basis. In the video in this post I only had data for the excel for the past 2 days so that’s why there was two. But normally it’s a weekly basis.

    Also I’m much less concerned with expectancy right now. My foucs is on avoiding mistakes first since they cost a lot, and second avoiding missed trades. I collect some stats on the 3 “setups” just so I can compare them and see if there is one that is performing better than the others. But before I can make a fair comparison I have to trade them properly.

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