Jan 112011

I’ve traded much better the last few days.  The more I study this the more I realize I cut winners way too short.   It’s hard to resist.  I’m long and I see some sellers step in and I want out.  It’s the scalper mentality.  But I’m resisting.  I just got out of a short +1 tick.  It was +6 ticks and my target was +8.  Normally I’d jump on that and take the +6, as I did earlier today.  But it went on to hit my target and I left 5 ticks on the table on my bund trade.  So this time I was patient and finally scratched it for a tick.  I’m making progress. 🙂

Here’s the stats so far.  My ES & Bund expectancies are about 50% more than my average.  So that’s good news.

I hope your trading went well.

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