Dec 082010

My trading changed radically when I decided to focus exclusively on trading support & resistance levels determined by volume profiling.  I spent October practicing on sim and then November trading levels with real money.  It was my best month for daytrading.  And I’m convinced that this is the best way to trade for me.

I’ve been able to connect with like-minded traders on Twitter via the #FT71 hashtag (for FuturesTrader71 followers) and this has been great for short real-time comments & questions. However I felt a need for a way to better collaborate with other traders.  The comment feature of the blog is not the best as it’s not easy to attach charts, quote replies, etc.

So I thought it’d be interesting to make a forum dedicated to trading S&R levels where traders could share analysis & trades and give each other feedback.  And with Quiper’s help I’ve been able to set this up.

The forums discussions are limited to trading levels.  I use volume profiling (à la FT71) to help me determine these levels but I also use look at charts to see where price has turned.  Others may use market profile.  Any way to determine levels is ok as long as it’s based on market generated information and not mathematical formulas.

I consider the forums an extension of the blog, where it’s much easier for others to participate.  More participation means more learning for everyone involved.

It’s structured like this:  The Markets Day-by-Day contains a forum for each market and each market has one thread per day.  This makes it really easy to find the discussion for a particular market & day.  Currently we have ES & NQ.  I’m looking for volunteers to “sponsor” other markets.  To do this requires creating a new thread each day, posting a chart with the levels you’re watching, and a brief description of the trades you plan to take.  Pretty much like I post here on the blog.  If you’d like to do this please let me know.  Everyone is invited to participate by posting their own charts & trades and asking questions.  I plan to start posting my daily analysis & trades to the forums instead of the blog.

There is another section for discussion that is not specific to a particular market and/or day.  There are two forums there, one for volume profiling and the other for general questions.

And that’s it.  I want to keep it really simple and focused on trading levels.  I don’t want to compete with other forums and have thousands of threads, I believe serious traders don’t have time for that.  I believe serious traders want to compare notes before the open, share ideas real time while trading (via Twitter), and then compare notes & trades after the close.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, especially if you’d like to sponsor a market.

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