Dec 082010

Today is rollover day, March had higher volume yesterday.  IQFeed has not rolled over it’s continuous contract so I’m trading the March contract.  The “composite” is essentially yesterday’s profile.  I will be extra cautious.  My main plan today is to look for a strong move and enter on a pullback.  I don’t want to fade yday lvn’s without a composite for confluence unless I see other confirmation.

No specific big trade ideas here.  We’re balanced so far, rotating in a balance area from yesterday.  A Gap fill is likely, at least to yday low.  From there I’ll see which way the orders are going.

Since I’m handicapped on the Bund I’ll be looking more at Stoxx.  Here we’re rotating around the composite VPOC so I’ll fade moves away from them unless it looks like they’re going to break out:

Yesterday I did a video on how I do my pre-market levels.

Good luck today.

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  1. Mng “ah” someone else trading the Bund!! Glad its just not me waiting for IQ feed to backadjust. Part of my home work is an objective narrative of the previous day, last nights below. I’m happy to post on here if you think it might be of use or inspire others if you can see some value in it. PS I don’t always get it right …. but I’m usually not far off.


    Lower prices in the bund today confirming that the rally from Fridays lows was most likely caused by some short covering rather than new business buying. Excess at today’s highs and lows. The closing trade was bid although this failed to continue into the evening session, which has seen prices drop even further. So tomorrow again I will be looking for lower prices.

  2. Pete – I like your analysis. Would love to see your chart and the levels you look to trade each day. I’ve created forums for collaboration like this, would you be willing to post your Bund analysis there each day? I’ll be posting mine as well and I hope we can motivate others to do the same. The more sharing the more we learn.

  3. How far back goes your composite of the FESX? What’s the start date?
    Btw, appreciated your vid and I think the forum is good supplement to your blog and twitter.


  4. My stoxx chart starts 5/18/2008. When does yours start?

  5. My FESX composite starts 25/08/10 (which I regard as the last major swing low=.

  6. I expanded mine when I thought we were going above 2900 I wanted to have data up there. I agree as long as we’re below 2900 then it’s not necessary. If I were to change it I’d use 1/2010.

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