Dec 072010

I’m adding the stoxx as my second market for the European morning session.  I also watch ES which helps as they’re correlated.

Today I recorded a video of me doing my pre-market work.  I’ll post this later today.

Here is the bund chart:

The bund has been balanced lately so either we stay in balance or we break out.  I’ll look to fade the first attempt at yesterday’s high & low and if we break out I’ll look to enter on a pullback and go with the move.

The same applies to the stoxx:

I drew circles to show potential trade areas as a shortcut to drawing the arrows.  In the video I explain the process so I think it gets to be routine and everyone will be able to see it for themselves.

I didn’t take one real money trade yesterday and so I’d really like to get at least one good trade this morning.

Good luck today.

  3 Responses to “Bund & Stoxx trade ideas for Dec 7 2010”

  1. Micheal, it is fascinating to watch how your blog (and you) progresses.


  2. I don’t know if it is part of your FESX hypos, but after the CLVN at 2809 there is a nVPOC around 2813 and therefore confluence.


  3. Markus – You’re right about nvpoc, I had my profile set up to show last 5 profiles. I increased this to 60 so I won’t miss those. Thanks for the tip. With two levels there I’d take a short.

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