Dec 022010

The Bund trade ideas I posted pre-market turned out to be pretty good.

  1. A short at LVN & VWAP.
  2. Play #1 short off CHVN.  I got +4 +3 ticks as I exited T2 at the VPOC.  I didn’t expect it to rotate down.  This ended up being the high of the session.  I cut my winner short here on T2.
  3. Play #3 was compromised by news but I got in on a pullback.  It didn’t work.  1 tick away from getting stopped out so when it bounced up I jumped on the chance to exit with a 2 tick loss.  I hit the offer to get out and Ninja’s OCO wasn’t fast enough to cancel my target and I ended up with an extra sell putting me short.
  4. Accidental trade – A bit of luck here as usually accidental trades usually don’t work very well for me.

Play #4 just came up as I’m writing this.  I didn’t take it because of news on the hour (probably the reason it shot up).  Actually I just took it on sim out of curiosity.

Here’s the P/L:

I was also profitable on the Stoxx.  I’m watching this market more closely and I think I will be ready to take some real money trades soon.  I need some more data first as it’s a bit tighter than Bund.  I’ve also been watching ES during European hours.

  2 Responses to “Bund Results Dec 2”

  1. Great to see how you followed your plan! Look forward to see you in the STOXX-garden!

  2. 3 Stoxx trades all on sim. +16 ticks. I hope I can continue this, it’d be great to have backup market for when Bund is slow.

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