Dec 012010

So earlier today I wrote about my monkey.  After my first few trades I started using Ninjatrader.  And did much better.  It’s not that the Ninja DOM is better, I actually like X_Trader a lot.  It’s that I have pre-configured stops & targets on the Ninja DOM and I avoid moving them.  And that’s my strategy.  Either stop or target.  Let the market show its hand.

Here are the trades:

And here are the results.  Despite a big problem not taking the stop at 59, I still managed to have better stats than my average last month.  And if I had stopped out at 59 I would have made even more.

This was the first day I traded real money on both X_Trader & Ninjatrader, which forced me to fix a problem with the Ninjatrader conversion on my trade log spreadsheet.  I posted the formula for the fix.

Now my focus is on the items mentioned at the bottom of the monkey post and just finding “one good trade”.

  2 Responses to “Bund Results Dec 1”

  1. Mike,
    What is the second profile from left? micro composite.???
    Awesome blog… Thanks for the spreadsheets. I have to figure out a way to do a conversion file for Infinity.

  2. Left is composite, middle is yday profile, and right is today’s profile.

    If you do an infinity conversion please let me know and I can add it to mine and make it available for others. I think I’m the only FT71 follower who doesn’t use Infinity.

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