Nov 302010

Today was a great day.  I posted my plan before the open and I actually didn’t take the short & long that I had planned on, but that’s ok because all my trades were in my plan.  I tweeted a few thoughts about the plan, for example I didn’t short the move up to the CLVN because it was a strong move up and because German unemployment news was due out.

So I took only two real money trades actually.  First was a short at yday’s high.  Second I bought a pullback to a yday LVN & today’s DVPOC.

After that I decided to trade long only and do it on sim.  I took a few more trades on sim and all were profitable, including one on EuroStoxx.  I’m looking at Eurostoxx & Euro as secondary markets to trade when I don’t have a setup on the Bund.

What’s interesting is both my trades worked, so there was no scratching.  Both trades I stuck to my planned target for the second contract and didn’t cut the winners short.  As a result my expectancy was 5 ticks per contract per trade and that’s double my average for the month (0.02).  If I could do this every day then it’d be great.

I’ll post the month stats later and will be releasing my spreadsheet very soon have released my spreadsheet used to make my stats!  Finally!

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  1. Hi,

    Nice trades, who is your broker and datafeed for Bund?
    Isn’t you first trade is fading a move up making a new intraday high? what you wanted to avoid? Why did you choose to take it? The 2nd trade is really beautiful 🙂 Thx for sharing.

  2. Hi Mults thank you for your comments & questions.

    The Bund opened in yday range and was very balanced so that gave me permission to fade the move to yday’s high. I actually have a setup for this in my trading plan. The key is that the market has to be balanced. Unfortunately I didn’t include the profile on the trade chart but if you look at the chart I posted pre-market you can see that it’s relatively balanced. it tested up and then down and was rotating in the middle.

    There was also confluence with the CHVN & the premarket high. All that came together to tell me it was a good short. After that however it was obvious buyers were in control and I traded long only.

  3. Forgot to answer your other question: I trade the Bund using Velocity & X_Trader. The datafeed for the charting is IQFeed. I’m very happy with this combination. I use IB & Ninjatrader w/ Mirus as backups.

  4. Ohh, that’s make sense, Im still working on incorporating the evolving day profile into decision making process…

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