Nov 282010

Last weekend I wrote:

So in conclusion, my focus this week:

  • Tight stops, minimize scaling in
  • Go for bigger setups.

I accomplished my first objective but I’m not sure I made any progress on the second.  And that’s my focus for the upcoming week.

Here are the ES results:

And the Bund looks very similar:

My average this week was $300/day for the three days.  Thursday & Friday were on simulator where I also experimented with Crude & Euro.  I overtraded on simulator which reinforces my goal of needing to take the setups with bigger potential.  I want to avoid fading a market that is making a new high or low.  These are often very profitable but often stop out with a tight stop.

I will release my spreadsheet this week.  I’d like to make a video of  how  it works using real market data so I’ll try to do this with Monday’s data.  I also realized that if I wait until I am “finished” with it, I’ll never release it.  So I made a list of TODO & Limitations in the spreadsheet.  If anyone would like to contribute to this spreadsheet please let me know.  I am not that good in Excel and love to learn more.  So I welcome all feedback about the spreadsheet & also about my trading.  So far the comments on my trading have been very helpful to me.

Hope you had a good weekend, especially for those celebrating Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for my family and for FuturesTrader71 & the contributors to this blog who have made a big impact in my trading.  Thank you!

  One Response to “Weekly Results for week of Nov 22”

  1. looks good michael.
    and you know what you need to work on.
    good place to be!

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