Nov 222010

Today was a great day.  Not because I made 190 euros, which is above average for me, but rather because I traded well.  I traded my plan which I posted earlier this morning.  All three trades were based on the 127.31 CLVN.  On the 2nd trade it shifted lower and I entered at 24 with half position.  Then it moved down and back up so fast I didn’t get to add the 2nd half.  CLVN moved back up to 31 and that’s where I took the third trade but price didn’t stop there it went up to test the open swing low.

I passed on some scalp setups I saw but they would have worked and I need to have more confidence in those, especially on a quiet day where a big adverse move is unlikely.  The 4 tick scalps really add up (there were three of them so that’s 120 euros).

Here’s the results and a look at the spreadsheet I’m working on.  I’m still working out bugs so I prefer to use it a few more days before making it available.  I would hate to put out a spreadsheet that had some errors in the calculations.

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