Nov 202010

I replied to a post today and I thought it’d be useful to share what I wrote here.  I was commenting on a journal.  The trader was trading live and here’s what I wrote:

Everyone has their own feeling about simulator and I’d like to offer you mine. Being profitable can take several years. I don’t see any reason why one has to lose real money during this time. If one can’t trade profitably on simulator then there is no way they can trade profitably with real money.

Now note the converse isn’t true. If one can trade profitably on sim that doesn’t mean they can trade profitably with real money. Once you get to the real money stage you run into the psychological issues. I feel it’s best to work out the edge & prove it before dealing with the psychological issues.

What I see in your trades is that you’re dealing with several problems at once and that’s going to be very difficult. You’re dealing with psychological issues (when you say “stupid trade”) and you’re working on proving your edge.

Why not prove your edge on sim and when profitable for a month, you can try real money? It’s much easier to fix a psychological issue when you have a proven edge.

If I gave you a button and every time you pushed it you have a 50% of winning $2 and a 50% of losing $1. Would you have psychology issues pushing the button? If it were me I’d be pushing it as fast as I could and not miss a second. That’s how trading should be. Once you define your setup & prove it has an edge, you trade it over and over.

I follow this advice myself.  I often trade on simulator.  In fact most of October was on simulator.  November has been exceptional and I attribute a lot of that to the work I did on simulator during October.

I’m currently testing my edge on the Euro on simulator.  I’d like to trade the Euro when my primary markets are slow.  But there’s no way I’m going to just start trading it with real money.  I want to make sure it will work for Euro and adapt it as necessary.

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  1. Reply to a post of which day?


  2. it was a post on a forum.

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